Nothing stays the same, for too long.  This includes the healing professions.  Over the past decade there has been a significant emphasis on treating emotional and interpersonal challenges with pharmaceutical drugs.  This emphasis has meant that many "mainstream" treatment centers have reduced or even eliminated counseling interventions all-together.  As a result, many people are going with-out comprehensive care.

Although the delivery system of mainstream mental health care has significantly changed, what it means to be a human-being has not changed.  We are all complex, multi-dimensional beings.  While we all have similar physical anatomy and share a lot in common, we are also, simultaneously, each very unique, with our own genetics, life history, social environments and spiritual identity.  Most importantly, as human-beings we are dynamic, conscious beings.  As such, our health and well-being depend upon our attending to each of the most fundamental aspects of who we are: mind, body, soul and relationship. Holistic Psychotherapy and Integrative Health Care addresses each of these aspects.

As an Integrative Health Professional, I take a holistic approach to human challenges. Holistic interventions include several important factors that will bring about speedy healing and help prevent further problems.  

They necessarily include:

1)  Knowledge, What do you know about addressing your life issues?  What have you learned, or not learned from your family of origin?  We only know what we have been shown by others.

2)  Life Skills, What skills do you need to learn to improve your ability to successfully cope?  For example, do you have strong, and flexible communication and intimacy skills?

3)  Self Awareness, How conscious are you about who you are... Who you REALLY ARE?  Do you have a deep sense of meaning, purpose and joy about being here, now?

4)  Self-Esteem, Do you love and care for yourself?  Do you know how?

5)  Trauma Recovery, Are there difficult, traumatic past experiences in your life that have not been properly processed and released?

Psycho-active drugs, when administered alone, have not been shown to fully resolve any of these important factors in human health.

25 years ago, I decided I wanted to help people to feel good about who they were.  
I wanted to learn how to help people truly get past their traumatic experiences and move into a LIFE OF JOY and success.

I set upon a very long journey of preparing myself to be of service.  I instinctively knew that to truly help people I needed to learn how to deeply engage with them.  This meant learning how to BE WITH, TALK TO, and THERAPEUTICALLY ENGAGE WITH people. Licensed Psychotherapists are especially trained to meet these healing needs, with a high degree of professionalism and skill.

Today, after 26 years of training and experience,  I am truly proud to be called a "psychotherapist," as I have dedicated my life to being of service to others personal growth.  

If you feel drawn to me, and my work, It would be an honor to be an honor to be of service to you on your personal journey of self-discovery and healing.

-------Tracy Thiem, PhD, CMT


If you are ready to embark on your own personal path of integrative healing, 
please feel free to contact Dr. Thiem directly at: TheJoyDetective@hushmail.com.

Dr. Tracy Thiem is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with 25 years experience in the field of Counseling and Clinical Treatment.  PSY #24037.